Winter update

Greenhead Park is looking like a winter wonderland now it has a covering of snow and to prove winter really has arrived; the first Snowman of 2010 was built this morning by some students from Greenhead College.
The Volunteers from Greenhead College have been helping me since September, carrying out a wide range of jobs in the park from planting bulbs, carrying out a survey of our new lake and the never ending task of sweeping up leaves.  Also, my workers from the Youth Offending Team, who help me every Saturday, are making good headway in the Rose Garden where they have been removing some of the old roses from the pergola so that new climbers can be planted.  The FOGP are working with park staff to get the Rose Garden back to its former glory and are looking at a new planting design and a means to procure all the necessary flowers!
Plans are underway to create an area in the park dedicated to conservation, which will be used by the Nature Club and Young Wardens, once again the FOGP are assisting with the development of the park by applying for a Community Wildlife Grant for this project.
I have just about moved into my new office, which is next to the café, and I am watching from my window as the Bowling Hut gets demolished. I am planning the events calendar for 2011 so watch this space for updates.
The Community Classroom, on the other side of the café, has already been used by the Veterans and school children who came on Remembrance Day which was a huge success. Despite the atrocious weather we had the best turnout for years thanks to students and staff from Spring Grove, Crosland Moor, Royd’s Hall, Huddersfield Grammar and New College.