Wild about the Park

An exciting new project is under way to create a special area in the park for wildlife activities.  This Wild Learning Area near the war memorial will be a place for people of all ages, but especially children, to explore the natural environment and carry out practical tasks like building bird boxes or mini-beast motels.
We’re also planning a new ‘woodland fringe’ area under the trees between the railings along the Park Drive South edge of the park and the footpath. This will only be mown once or twice a year, allowing grass and wild flowers to grow, which should provide a variety of new habitats. There is already a good collection of fungi which we plan to keep -and the area will be enhanced by planting native species such as wood anemone and bluebells.
The Friends have already secured a Big Lottery grant to buy tools, native plants and bulbs, and materials for bird, bat and bug habitats. The grant will also provide materials for use at monthly nature sessions for children aged 5-8 and 8-14 which will start once the Wild Learning Area is ready.
Thanks to hard work by Park Activity Officer, Chris Smith, and students from Kirklees College, the Wild Learning Area is starting to take shape. But there’s still lots to be done – completing the groundwork, planting the slope at the back of the site to help prevent soil erosion, putting in native hedge species, creating ‘furniture’ for the nature sessions and more…
We would welcome help with any of these tasks – contact us or call Chris Smith on 07814 387426 for more details.