New trees for old

During the park restoration, concerns were raised about the felling of trees. We were assured that there were good reasons for this and new trees would be planted.  As well as trees that were put in as part of the restoration project, we’re pleased to report that a variety of attractive trees are now being added to bring extra colour and interest to the park.

Acer Rubrum should add a splash of colour!

You may have noticed the gardeners have been hard at work this week planting these new trees – the varieties being put in are:
3 Betula Septemtrionalis
3 Thuya Atrovirens
1 Pinus Wallichiana
3 Quercus Koster
3 Fagus Dawyk
2 Sorbus Hupehensis
10 Betula Jaquemontii
3 Acer Rubrum
2 Carpinus Frans Fontaine